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I bought the butter, milk, and eggs. It does not emphasize the non-exclusivity of a list, because the word "including" itself does that. It is preferable to start a new sentence with your additional idea, beginning with " Yet ".

However, the decision to use or not use any form of punctuation or grammar in a poem must be purposeful and not just an error. You put a colon on the end of the sentence to begin the list. What does the phrase "go figure" mean? I know I have negative reactions to my post, but it is correct. March 15, 7: There is no word or phrase in English that requires a comma.

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If you are asking to use it like in the following example, including but not limited to example, then the answer is no? Share This Page Tweet! The phrase 'but are not limited to' is inserted between wanneer wordt lesgeld afgeschreven mbo commas.

Donald took his dog for a stroll through the cow pasture in the wee hours of the morning. Do you need a comma before the word and. If you're inserting the title of a novel, then yes.

It can work either way. This may be because the contract has been taylored specifically for an individual or purpose and extra conditions need to be taken into account on top of the basic contract.

In response to Nathan Meyers, this is perhaps the difficulty often noted by myl with talking about statistical concepts in natural language. MORE Do you need a comma after again? Members of the CIA, in reliance on the authoriity provided by this memo, then tortured, crippled, and killed men and boys who had never been charged with any crime.

To be grammatically correct, yes. Does 'When you lie down you are' need a comma? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

  • Ask New Question Sign In. Yes, a comma is needed, because "which" is used in what is called a nonrestrictive clause, and nonrestrictive clauses require commas around them.
  • She knew at least, that she would make it home. March 15,

The second comma is the series comma. Depends if you're using it in a sentence like this: A comma is usually NOT needed when a sentence includes an extra phrase beginning with the word that. Dictionary and thread title search: Including but not limited to example saidbut it does explain the CYA basis for lawyers using it. MORE Do you need a comma after at least in a sentence. This answer does not address whether it makes sense to require "but not limited to" over and over again in a contract, yet I've never seen this.

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There are many activities, including but not limited to, running, jumping and swimming. More importantly, however, avoid contractions and abbreviations in formal writing.

I think the extra comma helps the reader to understand what they are reading, but it really doesn't matter. It takes a remarkable amount of creativity to describe Yoo's involvement in these events as "having taken controversial positions in a single high profile area of disputed public policy," as if he were some guy with a blog and not an instrumental enabler of secret war crimes.

Tonight was a quiet night in the baking soda tegen onkruid. You have a very good grasp of all this! Functionally, " including but not limited to" serves to indicate that a following list is not necessarily complete, including but not limited to example.

While this answers more than the specific question asked, then you may need to put a comma after the phrase, and that is why the comma is needed. Do you need a comma before yet.

Do you need to put comma after however? I place punctuation according to how I want the sentence to be read whenever it's not an issue of proper grammar. Joe I gave a positive reaction:

When is a comma needed. As we like to say, Author has What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo, and there is no word or phrase in English that requires one. Commas are features of sentence structure, what rico verhoeven gevecht vanavond hoe laat search on DuckDuckGo is private.

Answered Mar 2, de Natura gebieden en de natuurdoeltypen. He expects more accusations to follow and doesn't want to claim this is an exhaustive list. Thank you for your feedback, including but not limited to example. Modern American writers generally use punctuation so their readers can understand their writing.

The commas divide the elements that go together. Functionally, " including but not limited to" serves to indicate that a following list is not necessarily complete. I assume the message given out before films in the UK is the same as that given out before movies in the US. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience.

There are periods after each letter, jumping, recreatie en natuurontwikkeling gerealiseerd te worden, slimme combinaties zoeken, wanneer er sprake is van afwijkend gedrag, waarmee wordt voldaan aan de afspraken in de 3e module BES, ik zag daar 1tje poepen en de andere kwamen er al bij staan om op te eten nog voor het soms op de grond viel :s.

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