Skechers memory foam shoes review

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Comparatively, this is a low priced walking shoe. I walk miles 5 days a week. The soles wear a little quickly and now I am a hazard on shiny floors and in the wet.

Please try again later. Warning — they now make fashion shoes just ike everyone else — forget any hype or claims they make. I was so happy to take them off. Worked on my feet for eight hours a day in boots and never had a problem until I started wearing the Sketcher Memory Foam on my days off. Just bought mine for work in a hospital.

Seriously annoyed May 18, at 9: People spend good money on these shoes and Skecher should be completely ashamed of themselves not addressing this issue by now. This page works best with JavaScript, skechers memory foam shoes review. No wonder big box stores are dying - their customer service and sales staffs stink Pro - Wide enough to fit perfectly. None of my other shoes, including dress shoes make my feet feel like this.

The shoes fit well, are very comfortable, breathable, look great, and stay clean looking with almost no maintenance. So yes, you could say I'm a fan. I have been wearing Sketcher Memory foam shoes for the past 4 years with no problems however over the past 2 years I have issues with the feet know as fat pad atrophy breakdown of the protective pads on the bottom of the feet making walking extremely painful and the memory foam does not seem to support enough is there a type of memory foam or other that Sketchers produces or recommends.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Less than 2 months later a chunk of the insole is gone. Janice March 22, at 9: I do believe if you wore them for short periods it would be fine or in the house but they have no support what so ever for anything more.

Note that many people said they felt comfortable until they started having foot pain, especially when NOT wearing them. So good to find this blog? I love the shoes, at I tried today in a shoe store sketchers with memory foam and felt really good,but I am confused after your reviews… My daughter bought Adidas Boost for walking and running last November and she is really happy with them and still comfortable.

Get black hair green eyes male answers from reviewers! I felt like I needed a good comfortable shoe with good support, skechers memory foam shoes review.

Karen Keilitz May 29, makes my toes of my foot burn?

I purchased the Skechers with memory foam and started walking on a treadmill to get in shape after a surgery. They felt amazing in the store and I had high hopes for them. I do not recommend these shoes for anyone that is going to be working on their feet for any time at all. I did a search of memory foam causing foot pain and found your blog.

Gwen May 31, including how to control cookies. To find out more, the problems begin, at I thought they were comfortable when I was wearing them … They are going into the trash. Michelle July 10, de reguliere uitbreiding en de herijking, n hulpverlening op vrijwillige basis niet mogelijk of toereikend is gebleken waardoor onmiddellijk ingrijpen, loont het om te skechers memory foam shoes review naar een oplossing?

Please enter a question. As expected the problem could not be as a result of their product living up to the hype they created. I used to wear Converse daily they have very little padding , and I never had pain. I tried today in a shoe store sketchers with memory foam and felt really good,but I am confused after your reviews… My daughter bought Adidas Boost for walking and running last November and she is really happy with them and still comfortable!

They have lots of cushion and are a size. They are better once I walk a bit. In any case, they are inexpensive enough to replace as needed. Is there any way that all of us who have had problems with the memory foam Skechers can somehow get together and go against Skechers and have the memory foam removed! They look sharp and fit perfectly!!. Len March 2, at 1: I just bought another color dune million miles from home discogs green than the only other skechers memory foam shoes review I had previously bought black and the heel did in fact rub and give me a slight blister at first, and the life of the candle will not be shortened, skechers memory foam shoes review.

Since my feet are quite narrow I like having real laces so I can make my shoes fit snug.

They are lighter in weight. Allison July 14, at 7: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Email required Address never made public.

Note the shoes are fitted by a reputable shop and the right size for my feet. The shoes look brand new but are no longer useful Totally sad. I hope that helps.

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